I Am Not A “Guy”

Too often lately it seems that we go into a restaurant or other establishment and the attendant, waiter, etc., will say, “This way guys” or “How are you today guys?”.  I am not a “guy”.  I certainly don’t look like a guy.  Maybe it is my Southern upbringing, maybe it is my love of the English language because my dad taught English and made sure that I knew the nuances between “pen” and “pin”, maybe it is simply because I endeavor to be a lady – whatever the reason, I am not a “guy”.

To me, a “guy” is someone of the male gender, likely in his 20s to 40s, non-specific – but, definitely, male. How would a man feel if the attendant said, “This way dolls”?

I supposed that I should be grateful.  In some circles, they refer to each other as “dog”.  So, at least, they do not say, “This way dogs”.

Regardless of the venue, I would just simply appreciate being referred to as “folks” or some other respectful, yet generic, term.  That would suit me.  “Folks” is generic, it’s homey, it’s non-specific – it is not “guys”, “dolls”, “dog(s)” – just simply “folks”.

About ambyars

Owner and founder of Balanced Lives Resources, a small business dedicated to developing unique beauty, health and wellness solutions. Merged in 2016 with Holographic Health, Inc., and now General Manager, providing nutritional supplements, skincare, and training classes - including CEUs for massage therapists.
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